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Drafter Tips: Safe CAD File Storage and Facilitation

You’re aware that CAD projects can take time and consume a lot of space on the hard drive of your computer. This is something that you must accept.

Do you have the ability to remain online, access all valuable sources and protect your CAD data? Scroll below for our recommendations.

Select the right Format for CAD files.

You will be familiar with the various file extensions for inventor software if you have used it. It’s a lengthy list, so a novice might be confused on which file type to choose to collaborate with. There are generally two major CAD file extensions.

Cloud Storage or Server

It’s easy to manage a small number of CAD files. In some instances it is possible to have files larger than 50Mb. This is especially true when you’re creating your own dynamic blocks. Layer groups allow you to include multiple descriptions and designs layers to print.

Use VPN to protect your data transfer to CAD

To ensure that your CAD data is safe and secure, you need the Virtual Private Network (or VPN) .

What does the VPN use to safeguard fusion your personal information? Logging in is necessary to connect to the VPN network.

To log in to this network you will need a VPN client. The VPN client encrypts every data packet and adds routing information (the recipient’s address) into the headers of each packet. Your CAD files are secure even when they are transferred over network that is shared or public.